Troy Campus Orientation

Troy Campus Orientation

IMPACT new student orientation

Congratulations on your admission to TROY!

Congratulations on your admission to TROY! IMPACT New Student Orientation is the final step needed for you to enroll at TROY. IMPACT is for undergraduate students planning to enroll at the Troy, AL campus.

Fall 2023 newly admitted students will be able to begin registering for IMPACT sessions on March 1, 2023. Email notifications will be sent at that time with further instructions. 

To register for an IMPACT session please select the link on the date on which you are interested in attending. It will prompt you to log into your TROY Application Profile to register. Do not create a new account, call Admissions for assistance if you cannot log in or remember your account credentials. Do not register for multiple sessions. The cost of attending IMPACT is $100 for freshmen sessions and $50 for transfer sessions. You will receive a Paypal link in your confirmation email after your register for your IMPACT session. 


What to expect on campus


Admitted Student checklist

Complete these steps before attending IMPACT to be prepared for your session.



Take your ID card photo

Your Trojan ID card is one of the most important cards in your wallet now. Learn more about where you can use your card in The Oracle Student Handbook.


Register for classes for the Fall semester

Your IMPACT leaders and our Advisors will help you select which classes will be best for you. If you want to research available classes in advance, check out our Schedule of Classes. 


Meet & greet with our student organizations

Spend some time getting to know your new family at our Student Organization browse session, hosted by our office of Student Involvement.


More Information

During IMPACT, students and parents will park in the large parking lot directly across from Rushing Hall, on International Blvd. Can't find us? Keep an eye out for directional signs and our IMPACT Leaders!

TROY campus map

During Freshman sessions, students will stay in one of our dorms on campus! Parents are encouraged to book a hotel room or AirBNB. 

Hotels in Troy  AirBNB in Troy

At IMPACT, you can expect to:

  • Meet many new people: current students, new students, faculty, staff, and administration.
  • Learn how to plan your class schedule.
  • Familiarize yourself with TROY policies and procedures for registration.
  • Discover more about the student services and activities at TROY.
  • Get more information on student organizations.

Beginning college is a key life transition. Whether you move away from home or live close enough to continue living with family, you will assume greater responsibility, meet a variety of diverse people, and adjust to the academic demands of college life. Our new student orientation, IMPACT, is designed to cater to your every need while beginning college at TROY. You will begin the process of transitioning to your new college environment. At IMPACT you will meet new people, learn how to get involved on campus, and register for fall classes: three essential elements which will foster a successful transition to the TROY family.
This major life transition is also important for parents and/or guardians of the student. Therefore, we offer parent sessions concurrently with the student sessions for both freshmen and transfers.

We look forward to presenting new student information in the most engaging, informative, and most importantly, safest way as possible. We are so excited to be able to serve you as you begin your journey as a TROY Trojan, and are here to assist in any way possible.

All parents and/or guardians of incoming students, both freshman and transfer, are invited to attend Parents Orientation free of charge. Parents are provided with information on student services, expenses, and how to assist your student in transitioning to college. You also have the opportunity to meet with selected faculty members and meet current TROY students!

Because incoming students will be staying in on-campus dorms overnight, parents/guardians are encouraged to find other accommodation/lodging. Troy has several hotels and AirBNBs close to campus.

Registration for 2023 sessions will open Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

The cost for freshman sessions is $100, and the cost for transfer sessions is $50. This fee must be paid online prior to your session in order to confirm your session registration.

To register for an IMPACT session please select the link on the date you are interested in registering. It will prompt you to log into your TROY Application Profile to register. Do not create a new account, call Admissions for assistance if you cannot log in or remember your account credentials. Do not register for multiple sessions.

Following registration, you will receive a link to a secure Paypal site. You do not need to create a Paypal account, simply pay your IMPACT fee as a guest through the provided Paypal link in your email confirmation. For assistance with registration, please call the IMPACT Office.

Please note – even if you have dual enrollment college credit, you will still attend a freshman IMPACT session.

Effective January 2017, all new and incoming students will be automatically placed in Math and English courses based on their ACT/SAT subscores (see chart below). Students eligible to take the English placement exam are those with an ACT English score of 18-19 or an SAT EBRW 480-500. Students eligible to take the Math placement exam are those with an ACT Math score of 20-22 or an SAT Math 490-540. Students with an ACT Math score of 23-24 seeking advanced placement into Calculus 1 (MTH 1125) are eligible to take the exam.


Course To Take

ACT ENG at or BELOW 15
SAT EBRW at or below 420
ENG 0096
(Fund of Gram)
ACT ENG 16-19
SAT EBRW 430-500
ENG 1100
(Prep ENG)
ACT ENG 20-29
SAT EBRW 510-710
ENG 1101
(Comp I)
ACT ENG 30-34 
SAT EBRW 720-740 OR 
AP Score of 3
ENG 1102 
(Comp II) 
*(ENG 1101 Credit Received)
ACT ENG 35-36 
SAT EBRW 750-800
Literature Course
*(ENG 1101 AND 1102 Credit Received)
ACT ENG 18-19 SAT EBRW 480-500


Course To Take
ACT MTH at or BELOW 17
SAT MATH at or below 440
MTH 1100
(Fund of Algebra)
ACT MTH 18-22
SAT MATH 450-540
MTH 1105
(Intermediate Alg)
ACT MTH 23-24
SAT MTH 550-580
MTH 1110 or 1112
(Finite or Pre-Cal)
ACT MTH 25 or higher
SAT MATH 590 or higher
MTH 1125
(Cal 1)
ACT MTH 20-22 SAT MTH 490-540

If you do not have the above scores you will receive notification prior to your IMPACT session to complete the online placement test(s). Please visit Test and Assessment Lab to find out more information about the ACCUPLACER placement test or visit  Free ACCUPLACER study app.